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Canada Futbol De Salon Federation


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Certification Courses

  Canada Futbol De Salon, will be issuing official Futbol De Salon Certification Courses, recognised by the IFFS.

  Keep posted on any upcoming courses.  



The Foundation course will be the first Certification course issued in Canada for Futbol De Salon, and will be the course that all Futbol De Salon licensed coaches within Canada have to attend .. 

Coaches may choose after the Foundation course what Pathway to choose for Futbol De Salon Certification and career path.

Development Pathway Certification

The Development Certification Pathway is a license that Canada Futbol De Salon issues to Coaches, that decide that Development of Soccer players is greatly benefited via the coaching and necessary contact time through Futbol De Salon. 

Pro Pathway Certification

The Pro Pathway Certification is driven towards the development of the Futbol De Salon players with extended pathways to Futbol De Salon players for Futbol De Salon purposes and potential careers.

Primarily driven toward developing the Futbol De Salon players utilizing a better understanding of the game, and its requirements of tactical nuance, and various formations.

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