Canada Futbol De Salon Federation

Canada Futbol De Salon Federation


Futbol De Salon in Canada 

CANCELLED Canada Futbol De Salon Official Certification Foundation Course 

We regret to announce the cancellation of our initial Official Certification Foundation Course ..

Please stay in touch with this space for details of when our course will be rescheduled.

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Canada Futbol De Salon is Canada's official Federation that represents Canada's interest within International Federation Futbol De Salon. IFFS has registered and trademarked the sport , so to protect it for future generations and bring the game back to its original status.

Canada Futbol De Salon

Canada Futbol De Salon Culture

Every decision we make at Canada Futbol De Salon will be determined by our cultural cornerstones.

1. Growth of the game

2. Development of the program

3. Legacy we leave the next generation 

We promise to hold these ideals on every decision made for the well being of the sport

Futbol De Salon

Futbol De Salon is the original game version of what is known as Futsal today.

Now trademarked and protected this game can finally grow as an independent sport, and IFFS as its governing body

IFFS (Governing Body)

IFFS otherwise known as International Federation Of Futbol De Salon is the Official governing body of Futbol De Salon

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