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Canada Futbol De Salon Federation


The Ceriani Invitational

About The Ceriani Invitational

   The Ceriani Invitational is a Futbol De Salon event that will be hosted by the Canada Futbol De Salon Federation.

   This tournament is dedicated to the memory of the late Juan Ceriani, the original creator of the sports of Futbol De Salon. 

   This International tournament will celebrate Mr Ceriani's legacy in the game, which should not go unnoticed.

   The Tournament will be played in the original rules of Futbol De Salon, and is open to all Club teams, and National Teams.

Our main objective of the event is to open the event to members, and create a pathway for players to play.

Dates will be confirmed.

For Clubs, and National teams whom are interested to partake in the tournament, kindly apply on our tournament application form.

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